ADVERTISING ASB: Every Step Counts

Sometimes going the extra mile just means going a few extra steps. That’s exactly what thousands of Kiwis decided to do at the 2019 ASB Christchurch Marathon.

The challenge was to create an engaging fundraising mechanic for the Christchurch Marathon that would allow ASB to donate $20,000 to Youthline.

We encouraged marathon runners to go a little further than usual after they’d finished their race with ASB Every Step Counts. For every runner who went the extra distance after the finish line, ASB would donate $5 to Lifeline on their behalf.

Thousands of people got involved. With their help ASB managed to raise $20,000, which meant Youthline could train 25 new volunteers and have 500 more conversations each month.

Executive Creative Director: Mike Ramsay + Sarah Chernishov

Junior Copywriter: Diana Simumpande

Junior Art Director: Nael Shureih

Creative Technologist: Matt Ellwood

Retoucher: Denny Monk

Animator: Kyle Stoffenberg

Art Worker: Iva Tofanov

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