A product-led seasonal campaign focused on summer tees.

An icebreaker tee can be worn multiple times without the usual downsides of a regular tee.

Less washes.

Less odour.

Less harm.

The Creative Challenge

Washing synthetic clothing releases up to 700,00 plastic microfibres into our oceans in one wash. In fact, today micro-fibres make up 85% of human-made debris on shorelines around the globe.

The answer? icebreaker's natural fibre tees. Thanks to the powers of merino wool, they need less washing and use less resources. So you can wear it for a whole 7 days with washing. 

That means less ocean pollution, less time doing the washing, and more time doing what you love.

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Campaign Results

Total impressions

48million +108% from previous month Across Youtube Tiktok and VTR Facebook.

Share of voice 

MTD 2.3% / 492 mentions +5.4 vs Last month

881K +15.4% Revenue 3.88M + 13%

New User 

499K +13.6% New Purchasers 10k

Social Followers 

304K +17% vs Previous year.

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Photographer: Diana Simumpande

Copywriter: Diana Simumpande

Retoucher: Denny Monk

Designer: Caro Hamilton

Art Director: Nael Shureih

Creative Director: Nathan Cooper

Grader: Mike Carpinter

DOP: Johnny Agnew

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