Clever Kash Christmas

It was almost Christmas, and ASB thought that New Zealand needed a touch of Christmas spirit. With some help from Clever Kash, we created Clever Kash's 12 days of Christmas, encouraging Kiwi kids to save so they could reach their Christmas savings goals.

I wrote all the copy across the campaign.

Clever Kash's 12 Days of Christmas

We created an animated Instagram story, bringing to life Clever Kash's 12 days of Christmas with some help from Watermark Creative.

I rewrote the 12 Days of Christmas to create a new Clever Kash infused version. It showcased all the things Kiwi kids were able to save for at Christmas, thanks to the saving skills they learnt from Clever Kash.

Copywriter: Diana Simumpande

Art Director: Holly Smith

Creative Directors: Mike Ramsay and Sarah Chernishov

Illustrator: Watermark

Animator: Kyle Stoffberg

Art Worker: Lisa Stowers

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