Grabaseat's Birthday Boogie

Grabaseat do birthdays a little bit differently.

So, when it came to their 13th birthday, we had to do something irresistibly epic. We didn’t just throw a party; we organised a giant dance party extravaganza in the middle of Auckland. Hundreds of Kiwis battled it out on the dance floor to score a flight to somewhere magical.

Then, on the birthday sale day, thousands of Kiwis came back to grab incredible deals on flights.

We had a massive 1086% increase in Grabaseat Google searches.

And sold over 20,000 tickets to help Kiwis boogie all over the world.


The Birthday Boogie Game

We didn't think it was fair that Aucklanders got to have all the fun so we gave people a chance to boogie at home with our mobile game. Each play put gamers into the draw to win free flights to LA.

There were over 151,000 players over three days.

The campaign was supported with eDM and Social messaging.

Executive Creative Director: Craig Pethybridge

Creative Team

Copywriter: Diana Simumpande

Art Director: Holly Smith

Art Director: Nael Shureih


Retoucher: Denny Monk

Animator: Kyle Stoffberg

Art Worker: Iva Tofanov

Using Format