I'm absolutely terrible at talking about myself, but just for you I'll make a little bit of an effort. Right now, I'm a 22-year-old copywriter living in New Zealand. I'm good at starting again. Growing up, I moved around a lot. I'd lived in four different countries before the age of 15. When you've been through some of the things I have, you learn a lot about people, acceptance, tolerance and just going with it.

I like a lot of things. Mainly books, BBC dramas and fruit teas with lots of sugar. I like talking to people I disagree with and learning about a thing or two about us humans and why we do the strange things we do. I look up to people like Malcolm X and Nina Simone and admire the work of David Uzochukwu and Aleah Michele. I'm not myself without my winged eyeliner and probably wear far too much highlighter. You probably want to hear about my work now.


I've always needed creativity. As long as I can remember, I've leaned on many creative exploits as a way to deal with some of my experiences. The main thing that made me think "Hey, I want to do this as a career," was the lack of representation for people who looked like me, as well as other people of colour, in art and media. Picking up a camera, taking photos of myself and posting them on the internet was my own way to sticking it to the white power structures and ideals that permeate throughout society.

I like people. Sometimes. I'm interested in them. Their thoughts, feelings and impulses. Their dreams and their struggles. Whatever's bouncing around in their little heads. And so portraits are my "thing." Please don't ask me to shoot anything else.


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