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Hi. I’m Diana. I’m a photographer who can also do things like write (mostly self deprecating musings , see here) and make Youtube videos about books. Right now, I'm a writer in the big bad world of shmadvertising. I come up with ideas and turn them into real functioning living things that make people smile - and also make a little bit of money too.

I’m greedy. I want to do everything. So, if you’ve got a cool concept you need help bringing to life, a photo project you want collaborate on, or someone to help you find the right words to save the world, let's hang out.



The Hollow Man, Auckland Festival of Photography, Fringe Exhibition
Top Art Exhibition, Group

House of Stone by Novuyo Rosa Tshuma, Book Cover
When it Rains, Dominique J. Smiley, Book Cover


ArtZone Issue 73, Jacqui Kenny, Magazine Feature

Woman of Citrus theatre show, Commission

ASB Bright Sparks, Kia Ora Magazine

Exhibit Q. Untold Secrets: Hidden Gifts of our Ancestors, Group Exhibition



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